The best bike paths in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is not only beer, dumplings, castles and palaces. There are also beautiful landscapes that you can admire in different ways. Today we will tell you about cycling routes running through, along and around Czech attractions. We invite you!

There are many advantages to exploring beautiful areas by bike. There is probably no need to explain the obvious, such as independence or lack of restrictions that drivers have to take into account. But traveling on two wheels is definitely more than that. If you love this type of activity (and tourism at the same time), we encourage you to check the paths with our neighbors. We will walk along canals and rivers, as well as around the lake. There will be something for fans of difficult routes that require fitness, skills and reflexes.

Becva bicycle route (Beczwa)

A child on a bike on the bike path by the Beczwa River in the Czech Republic

Would you like to know the most beautiful corners of the Silesian-Moravian Beskids? The Becva bicycle path awaits you. The starting point is the so-called Wallachian Athens or the gateway to the Silesian-Moravian Beskids - Wallašské Meziříčí or, more familiarly, Międzyrzecze Wołoskie. As you can guess, it lies between the rivers. Dolna Beczwa and Górna Beczwa merge here into one, larger one.

Międzyrzecz is not a big city, but it is still one of the largest centers of Moravian Wallachia. It also has two locks. The first is Zámek Žerotínů, where you can spend the night, because part of the building is a hotel. The second one is Zámek Kinských surrounded by a park. It does not stand out with its beauty, but it houses the Wallachian Museum.

We recommend taking a walk around the market square and visiting one of the local cafes. Later we head to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where a big attraction is the brewery that has been brewing beer since the 18th century. It is divided into the Wooden Town, the Młyńska Valley and the Wallachian Village, beautiful in itself, but also picturesquely spread out on the slopes.

If you like steep climbs, you will like the route to Radhošť. It leads along field paths, and along the way you pass Planiska, Bystré and Maňáky. You climb to 1,100 meters above sea level, starting from 400. After reaching the top, you can catch your breath on the Pustevny pass. In winter, it is full of skiers, but tourists are also attracted by the interesting folk architecture. If you feel exhausted, you can go down by cable car.

Ohře bicycle path

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Another suggestion is the route along the Ohra River. It starts in Germany, in Waldasassen, so you'll explore more if you have time. You have a chance not only to enjoy the beauty of Czech (or German) nature. It is also an opportunity to visit several castles, including a 14th-century Gothic monument. Karlštejn Castle is considered by many to be the most famous castle in the Czech Republic. Beyond it you can see Cheb, Loket or Křivoklát. What is worth emphasizing, you can reach each of them by Eurovelo 4.

Let's go back to our route. It stretches for less than 100 km, is nice, simple and pleasant, suitable even for beginners. Kynšperk – Karlovy Vary is a section suitable for families with small children. Most of the trail is divided into designated bicycle paths, and some run along the road. You will not find any major climbs here that could cause difficulties for recreational cyclists. Follow the marking with the number 204. It applies to several regions: Cheb, Sokolov, Karlovarski and Ostrovski.

The Ohře bicycle path impresses with the beauty of nature and monuments. In addition, you are moving through the most seismologically active area of all in the north-west of the Czech Republic. After visiting Cheb, its square with merchant houses (Chebský Špalíček) and the Cheb Castle, it's time for Komorní Hůrka. It is the youngest volcano in the Czech lands. Until recently, researchers argued about whether it could be called a volcano, and how exactly it was formed. Don't be surprised by a small monument on one of the rocks. Johann Wolfgang Goethe fully deserved this distinction, because the discovery of the truth is largely due to him.

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The next stops are the towns of Kynšperk, Sokolov and the canyons of the Svatos Rocks. Be sure to stop by in Karlovy Vary! The most famous and at the same time the most beautiful Czech spa has plenty of attractions. Taste the water from the springs here. There are a total of 5 colonnades in the city, including the Source Colonnade, from which the largest source of the resort emanates. It is the only one that is not available round the clock, and the water spurts from it into several smaller bowls, thanks to which it has different temperatures,

After leaving the spa, we go to Rakovník and then to Křivoklát Castle.

Tiché Orlice bicycle route

We are moving to the Eagle Mountains, where you have a lot of opportunities for cycling and rollerblading. Understatement - the area is sometimes called the kingdom of cycling and inline skating! A tangle of trails with a total length of 40 km has been created in the Orlicko-Třebovské region. The network stretches along the valleys of two rivers, Cichá Orlica and Trebovka. It runs between the towns of Choceň, Ústí nad Orlicí, Letohrad and Česká Třebová. The privileges of cyclists and roller skaters may be evidenced by the exclusion of car traffic from these centres.

They say that there is no better place for inline skates than East Bohemia. If you have a different opinion, come here to check it out. And if you agree, all the more go on a trip. You can choose from three cycling trails from the town of Ústí nad Orlicí. You can go to Letohrad, Česká Třebová or Choceň. A new 15-kilometre route leads to the first point of cyclists (and rollerbladers). You can admire the landscapes from the ruins of Lanšperk Castle, where there is a viewpoint. You will see e.g. remains of another castle - Žampach.

If you want to go to Česká Třebová, you will reach the destination of numerous pilgrimages, i.e. Hora. Just like in Karlovy Vary, visitors can drink spring water here as well. Attractions in the area include the lookout tower on Kozlov Hill and the Romanesque rotunda of St. Catherine. The trail is 9 km long.

The third option is Chocen. The bicycle path stretches for 15 km in picturesque areas. You will see the nature reserves of Hemže and Peliny, and in the town of Brandýs nad Orlicí you will see the statue of Jan Amos Komenský, a reformer of the modern era.

Bicycle path around Lake Lipnie

This time we will not drive along the river or in the forest, but by the lake. The trail is 14.5 km long and runs from the dam through Lipno nad Vltavou to Frymburk. The path is well prepared, so apart from the landscapes, you can be sure of a comfortable ride. The route is full of short ascents and descents, turns and attractions in the form of small terrain swings. The road is intended only for inline skaters, cyclists and pedestrians. If you get tired, there are plenty of places to recharge your batteries.

Don't have your own sports equipment? No problem, you can rent it at the Lipno Rent summer rental. You will find it right next to the bicycle and roller route. Importantly, on the distance between Lipno and Frymburk (8 km) you can also ride after dark, because it has lighting.

Bicycle route along the Bata canal

Bata Channel

Do you feel the soul of a romantic in you? So it is worth going to South Moravia, specifically to the Bata Canal. The historic waterway connects the towns of Kroměříž and Hodonín, stretching for 56 km. It is not only pretty, but also simple, which means that it is suitable even for little ones. You can see 13 locks with cabins for service (open to the public), 23 bridges and artificially deepened canals with moving weirs.

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For most of the trail, you ride on flat terrain, some sections can also be covered by boat. Then just get off at the pier and continue your journey. In this way, you will visit many regional monuments, such as the Buchlov Castle, the Archaeological Open-Air Museum in Modrá or the Buchlovice Chateau. This is a great route for nature lovers. You have the opportunity to admire protected areas, bird reserves or riparian forests. In addition, you can go with your children on one of the didactic paths. And if you get tired, make a stop for the night. You can sleep on the barge.

Something for MTB fans

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The last proposal is a nod to lovers of challenges. In the Jizera Mountains, daredevils can enjoy the Singletrek pod Smrkem, the first path of this type in the Czech Republic and continental Europe. Singletrack is such a narrow bicycle route that it is often impossible to pass, overtake or ride side by side on it. Put on your helmet, get on your mountain bike and go on a journey through the trees!

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Smrek is the highest peak of the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains. Overcoming not very steep, but winding paths in the forest, you will feel the adrenaline rush. Advanced fans of cycling will love the red route, but there is something else. Do you like checking yourself? Well, we recommend the black route, only for experienced cyclists. It is full of unexpected obstacles, so driving requires quick reactions. Impressions guaranteed, but remember - this is an adventure for people with the right skills.

Of course, there are also easier trails, so everyone has a chance to enjoy the charms of the area. Nevertheless, the brave (with good shape) do not have to look for a place for madness, because it is right here.

These are not all the cycling routes that cross the Czech Republic, but they will certainly not disappoint lovers of this form of activity. We encourage you to find out why they are considered the best. Have a great trip!

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