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Magical Italia is the perfect destination for long summer holidays. You can start your journey in Italy in the mountain north and go all the way to the hot south, slowly and calmly visiting all the most important places and relaxing on the beach. In this way, we can spend a month in this one country and ... still not have enough! But what if the boss is frowning at our plans for four weeks off and does not want to let us go on a dream trip? Well, then we must not give up our dreams of getting to know this unique corner of Europe - but instead of a month-long escapade, we can go there for a weekend, taking advantage of the rich offer of cheap flights. Where? The best, of course, to romantic Venice - the world's capital of love! Of course, it is impossible to see all the monuments that this amazing city hides in two short days, but if we prepare a good plan, we can see the most wonderful ones. So, which places in Venice are in this "top class"?

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Everyone knows that visiting Venice is mainly getting to know the real treasures of architecture. It is here that you can see the finest examples of Gothic and Renaissance art. The best architects, painters and sculptors of their epochs used to come to the rich Venetian port in the past. The obligatory point is, of course , St. Marka - the heart (a bit crowded) of this city. It is a true masterpiece of urban space planning - spacious and surrounded by the mansions of wealthy families and the institutions of the republic's authorities, it is teeming with life from morning until late evening hours. The square is home to the mighty St. Mark , where there are the remains of this saint, an altar decorated with gold and precious stones, and a treasury where numerous treasures of Byzantium are kept. Another "hit" is the nearby Doge's Palace - the rulers of Venice. The imposing gothic building with numerous columns, portals and ornate vaults is one of the most magnificent medieval residences in all of Europe. Each, even a short, vacation in Venice should lead us to one of the famous bridges. The most important of them is the famous Bridge of Sighs - Ponte dei Sospiri , which connects the Doge's Palace with the nearby prison. It is a real showcase of the city, whose fame rivals only ... another bridge - Rialto . This magnificent stone structure is one of the most photographed places in Italy. The last bridge is the unique Ponte dell'Accademia - one of the four connecting the two shores of the Grand Canal . This is the place of lovers who hang small padlocks with their initials here. And, of course, the Venetian canals - the famous Grand Canal and hundreds of smaller, quiet and picturesque ones are worth visiting by a gondola or ... a water tram, i.e. a vaporetto . Although this list seems short, believe us, it is worth spending two days on "implementing" it in order to be able to fully appreciate the charm of the city of love.

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Since Venice is quite a crowded city, it is hard to find accommodation here that would allow you to catch a moment of respite after a day of sightseeing. Therefore, if we want to find a good accommodation in Venice, it is worth choosing accommodation in one of the numerous campsites. Camping in Venice is a great option for people who value peace and the opportunity to relax in the bosom of nature. Camping Union Lido is an excellent choice. It is situated on the beautiful Lido peninsula , only 45 min. from Venice and is well connected with it. The beach is only 500 meters away, and on site you can enjoy a really rich offer of water sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving). A friendly atmosphere, great people from all over the world and proximity to the most wonderful monuments of Northern Italy - what more could you ask for while on a vacation in Venice ?

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