Campings in Istria

Istria was and still is the most important tourist destination in Croatia, hosting tourists from all over the world. It is the most visited tourist region (27% of all visitors to Croatia) and it is no wonder given the beauty of the local nature, rich historical and cultural heritage and highly developed tourist infrastructure.

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Famous Istria

Istria, the westernmost region of Croatia, covers the largest part of the peninsula of the same name. The history of this area goes back to the most distant times, as evidenced by archaeological finds from the Stone Age in caves near Pula, Šandalje. The landscape advantages of the peninsula meant that the Romans called it "terra magica". Famous figures such as Robert Koch and James Joyce lived in Istria. Dante Alighieri himself was inspired by it in his works. Today, Istria attracts millions of tourists every year. Interestingly, tourism in Istria already existed in Roman times, when Emperor Vespasian built an amphitheater in Pula, where numerous entertainment events took place. After the end of World War II, considerable efforts were made to develop the tourism infrastructure.

Dream weather

Istria has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate. The summers are dry and warm and the sun operates for more than 10 hours a day. Higher heat (+ 30°C) lasts for a maximum of three weeks a year. Although the air temperatures are lower than in Dalmatia, the Adriatic Sea is warmer, reaching 26°C in August. The favorable weather conditions are especially appreciated by tourists choosing campsites in Istria. A holiday at a campsite in such weather conditions is a dream of every camper! 

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