What driving license to drive a motorhome?

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Before leaving with a motorhome or buying such a vehicle, make sure that you have the appropriate driving license allowing you to drive such a vehicle.

Most motorhomes are built in such a way that their GVM, i.e. the Permissible Gross Weight, does not exceed 3.5 tons, so you can safely drive such a motorhome with a category B driving license.

However, more and more often we can meet motorhomes with a DMC over 3.5t, which means that you will need a C1 or C category driving license. Below we have presented it on the basis of pictures.

What does the abbreviation DMC stand for?

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) – the maximum weight of the vehicle with cargo and passengers

Motorhome GVW =< 3500kg = category B

Kamper do 3,5t - jakie prawo jazdy?

Having category B, we are entitled to drive a vehicle not exceeding 3500 kg GVW

Motorhome GVW >3500kg <7500kg = category C1 or C

Kamper powyżej 3,5t - jakie prawo jazdy?

To be able to drive a vehicle with a GVM above 3,500 kg but not more than 7,500 kg, we should have categories C1 or C

Motorhome GVW >7500kg = category C

Jakie prawo jazdy do kampera powyżej 3,5t?

If you plan to drive a vehicle with a GVW greater than 7,500 kg, you must have a category C driving license

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