Motorhome test: Pilote G741 Sensation – image 1
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Motorhome test: Pilote G741 Sensation

Traditionally, when we went to the Caravan Salon fair in Düsseldorf, we took a Pilote motorhome for tests. This time we had the opportunity to test the largest and most luxurious vehicle we have received for testing so far. We are talking about a fully integrated motorhome by Pilote, model G741 in the Sensation equipment option, built on the basis of Fiat Ducato with AL-KO chassis. The vehicle was registered for the first time in mid-2016, and at the time of the test it had approx. 32 thousand. km.

What kind of flashlight for camping? Fenix flashlights test – image 1

What kind of flashlight for camping? Fenix flashlights test

In the summer we received three Fenix flashlights for testing. The Kolba company, which is a general importer in Poland, provided us with models that can work in various conditions, but primarily at the campsite. So we had enough time to look at each of them. These are not the first Fenix flashlights we've tested. Earlier, we had a BC21R flashlight, but it was intended primarily for bicycles. You can find the test on this page . This time, it is the turn of flashlights that can illuminate the area, for example around the motorhome, will help you reach your destination along the forest path after dark or will add some atmosphere to our evening camp. We present flashlights from the smallest to the largest.

Caretta Off Road caravan test – image 1
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Caretta Off Road caravan test

In the last week of July, courtesy of Rafał Bieżuński - the exclusive distributor of Caretta caravans on the Polish market, I had the opportunity to test the Off Road model. We traveled with two adults and a two-year-old child. We spent seven nights in the trailer on two different campsites and drove 400 km on different (Polish) roads, which allowed us to see the advantages and disadvantages of the trailer. Small tear drop trailers are especially close to me. I have a similar trailer myself and have been traveling with it for two years. I believe that a small and, above all, light trailer, especially in combination with a small bus, is a perfect set. In the article below, I will try to present my subjective opinion about this Caretta Off Road model, but also to present the advantages of traveling with such a small caravan, based on my own two-year experience. We wrote about this caravan in February 2017, when the first model appeared in Poland - you can read the article here .

Motorhome test: Caravans International Elliot 98 – image 1
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Motorhome test: Caravans International Elliot 98

A dozen or so days ago I had the opportunity to test a Caravans International motorhome with an alcove. The Elliot 98 model was provided for testing by the Camper Planet company from Bielsko Biała, which is a dealer of the Italian brand vehicles. We've covered the entire Elliot series, more generally, in our article here . Ever since the new Ford Transit was born and motorhome bodybuilders started using its chassis in the production of new models, I had only heard about the advantages of this solution, so I wanted to test it all the more. I must also add that I like the silhouette of the Ford Transit and its large grill much more than in the common Fiat Ducato. Below, I have described my impressions of using this vehicle for several days.

Winter camper test: Globe-Traveler Pathfinder XS – image 1
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Winter camper test: Globe-Traveler Pathfinder XS

When in 2016 I had the honor of sitting in the Motor Show Awards chapter and presenting the award to Jacek Jaskot (chief designer and constructor of the Globe-Traveler brand) for the Voyager XS motorhome model, I knew this car only from the fair and from conversations with users. Nevertheless, I awarded the award not only because of the high quality and applied solutions, but also for the work that Jacek put into creating a Polish brand, now more and more recognizable and appreciated throughout Europe.

Motorhome test: Pilote P716 Essentiel – image 1
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Motorhome test: Pilote P716 Essentiel

During the trip to the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, we had the opportunity to see for ourselves how the semi-integrated motorhome of the French brand Pilote, model P716, works. Below we present the first, but certainly not the last motorhome test that we will conduct for you. We received the vehicle from the sole distributor of the Pilote brand in Poland - CarGO! Rent a Camp from Poznań . Our copy was built and registered in 2015, and at the beginning of the test its meter showed 30,000. km of mileage.

KRK - an island that can be reached by a motorhome – image 1
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KRK - an island that can be reached by a motorhome

The largest Croatian island with a name that sounds to the Polish ear is very exotic and tempts for many reasons. However, for lovers of CAMPING the biggest attraction is the possibility of reaching the island ... by a CAMPER. Like several other islands in the Adriatic, Krk is connected to the mainland by a bridge. You have to pay for the ride through the 1,430-meter-long Krcki Bridge, but what you will see on the island is worth the price. It is nicknamed the Golden Island for a reason. The fabulously illuminated colors of the local beaches at sunset, the color of ripe honey and olive oil along with stunning karst phenomena - these three elements together create the local colors. Inside the island you will find fertile fields with picturesque olive groves, and the coast with a coastline of more than 219 kilometers is dotted with pebble beaches and numerous picturesque bays. It is easy to reach KRK by CAMPER and it will take you only a few hours. It is 382 km from Split, 172 km from Zagreb and 53 km from Rijeka.

Mechanical fuel pump replacement – image 1
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Mechanical fuel pump replacement

Older vehicles powered by carburetors were equipped with mechanical diaphragm pumps, which, unfortunately, fail quite often. The most common problem is a leaky diaphragm and worn valves. Fortunately, there is no problem with purchasing such a pump and replacing it. We can buy on, the first international trading platform , thanks to which we can browse the database of free-of-charge purchase and sale ads for used car parts. In popular cars, diaphragm pumps are usually mounted with two bolts or pins. In order for us to replace the pump, we have to unscrew it, but before we do it, we should secure the pipes so that no fuel spills out. For this purpose, we can use wrenches and simply tighten the hoses.

Heimplanet - a tent with balloons – image 1
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Heimplanet - a tent with balloons

Can it be easier to unfold and fold the tents? Heimplanet proves that it is. The tent can be set up in just a few minutes! In addition, such a temporary home does not have to look boring. The biggest problem with traditional tents is that they have to be folded up and down, which often takes a lot of time for untrained people. As a result, the desired trip begins with an experience that will surely not remain a pleasant holiday memory. However, life can be easier, as evidenced by an interesting solution proposed by the German company Heimplanet. Recently, it presented a tent dedicated to a specific car model - Audi A3 Quattro .

Campers and trailers at the Motor Show 2014 in Poznań – image 1
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Campers and trailers at the Motor Show 2014 in Poznań

Caravanning in Poland is growing in strength. The best proof is this year's Caravanning Salon in Poznań. Below, we present only a few selected brands - those that interested us the most and surprised us most pleasantly. Campers, caravans, caravanning equipment, and even toys (e.g. models of motorhomes and caravans) - all this can be seen in Poznań on 27-30 March. Most of the stands were attended by representatives who talked with the owners and representatives of companies about their offer this year, experiences and plans for the future.

Volkswagen lovers - COME !!! Great rally already in June – image 1

Volkswagen lovers - COME !!! Great rally already in June

Something like that has never happened in Cieszyn before! On June 19, 2014, over a hundred unique and beautiful Volkswagen T3 and Beetles will come to the Olza campsite !!!. VW T3 UPPER SILESIAN CLUB , the organizer of all the commotion, once again decided to assemble a great meeting for fans of Volkswagen rear-wheel drives . Everything is already done and the club invites you from the very morning on Thursday 19th June and will not let anyone out until Sunday 22nd. At Camping Olza in Cieszyn , situated among beautiful greenery, in the vicinity of which there are many wonderful attractions. The youngest will find a very nice playground, and to the nearby park you will be able to take your loved one for a romantic walk or for an unforgettable canoe cruise on the local pond.

A real OFF-ROAD caravanning – image 1
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A real OFF-ROAD caravanning

Below we present an interesting movie straight from Australia. Can I go into difficult terrain with a trailer? It turns out that it is. The reinforced structure, aluminum walls, double glazing, specially tuned suspension on powerful springs and large wheels allow you to move without fear also off asphalt roads. We write about the caravans used by Harry in the article about ELITE caravans .