A motorhome in the style of the 60s and 70s - Winnebago Brave – image 1
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A motorhome in the style of the 60s and 70s - Winnebago Brave

If you fondly remember old campers, and at the same time value modern amenities - Winnebago Brave may be the perfect solution. The American manufacturer tries to recreate the unique style of the late 60s and 70s - the period of the greatest popularity of caravanning, combining it with modern technology and original ideas. Winnebago offers 3 versions of the Brave motorhome - 26A , 27 B and 31C for prices from $ 96,599 to $ 121,379. They differ mainly in the floor plan, which allows you to choose a model tailored to your specific needs. Users also have an influence on the exterior of the vehicle. There are several color versions to choose from: Woodstock (white-gray), Aquarius (white-green), Bell Bottom Blue (white-blue), Mello Yellow (white-yellow) and Crimson'n Clover (white-red). In any configuration, the motorhome looks really impressive and charming at the same time. However, it is not only aesthetics that makes Winnebago Brave attractive. The Super Structure system was used in the construction of the vehicle. To create a strong and durable cab structure, it was built from steel and then laser technology connected to the chassis. Solid basics are only an introduction to the next advantages of a motorhome.

Adria Coral Supreme - Loft style interior – image 1
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Adria Coral Supreme - Loft style interior

S670L from the Coral Supreme series by Adria will be of interest mainly to motorhome enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetic qualities, interesting design and modern technological solutions. The Slovenian manufacturer focuses on the individualism and creativity of users, hence a variety of choices in terms of colors and equipment. The S670L model was designed on the basis of the Fiat Ducato X290 . With a vehicle length of 7.38 m and a width of 2.29 m , we gain quite a lot of space, probably that is why Adria presents the Coral Supreme series as Loft -style interiors, which is to emphasize the modernity and spaciousness of motorhomes. The S670L has 3 beds (the fourth is available as an option) and 4 seats plus 1 approved . The manufacturer offers two versions of interior design - Horizont or Forest (light or dark wood to choose from). The customer also decides about the colors of the fabrics. The offer includes shades of beige, brown and gray ( Mint / White Santos / Calando ). This is not the end, because we also have an influence on the exterior of the cabin and the following options are available: classic white, silver or gray metallic. The possibility of creating the aesthetics of a motorhome is certainly an undoubted advantage, even if the choice may seem limited.

Travel safely with the whole family in the Jayco Swan Outback trailer – image 1
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Travel safely with the whole family in the Jayco Swan Outback trailer

The American company Jayco appeared on the market in 1975, currently it is one of the most recognizable brands in the caravanning industry on that market. Where to look for sources of success? Perhaps at the affordable prices, interesting designs, or family amenities that Jayco is so focused on. The Swan Outback trailer is undoubtedly a combination of these three factors. It looks inconspicuously complex, but don't be fooled - the caravan can accommodate 5 to 8 people and offers 7 different levels that can be used depending on your individual needs. Setting up the Swan Outback is quick and simple, thanks to the correct hoist system that minimizes effort. The manufacturer used a special quad-core construction technology , which allowed for the construction of stronger, but also lighter walls. It is also worth emphasizing the quality of construction materials. Part of the tent is made of a special canvas of the Australian brand Bradmil , double stitching and computer cuts were used. One-piece glass fiber was used in the construction of the roof.

Semi-integrated motorhome by Chausson Welcome – image 1
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Semi-integrated motorhome by Chausson Welcome

The Chausson motorhome can be built on a Fiat or Ford chassis. The French manufacturer offers two versions of equipment - Flash (standard) and Welcome (with additional options). It is worth taking a closer look at the second proposal, which seems to be an ideal solution for those traveling with a lot of luggage. Large storage options, low profile, rich accessories are just some of the advantages of this model. The Welcome model looks very attractive visually. The gray-blue graphics on a white background and the color-coded cabin are eye-catching. The side walls are made of GRP sandwich panels with foam insulation, which provides adequate insulation. The roof is made of polyester with a thickness of 0.54 cm - a material resistant to e.g. to hail. The new fairings and thick cornices are ideas that Chausson introduced in 2014 to make the body structure even more durable. The residential part is set as low as possible, which made it possible to resign from additional entrance stairs. There are even more thoughtful solutions. Diesel engine with a capacity of 2.3 l and 150 horsepower gives a lot of driving force. Welcome is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox , which allows for driving comfort in various conditions. ABS , ASR , Traction Plus , reversing sensor, precise steering and airbags for the driver and passenger increase safety while traveling.

Vintage Caravan Style - the caravan of your dreams – image 1

Vintage Caravan Style - the caravan of your dreams

Lisa Mora - Australian, traveler and journalist has published this year a book entitled Vintage Caravan Style. This practical guide will be of interest mainly to those who are fascinated by old caravans, especially their renovation. Valuable tips, inspirations, various projects and over 350 photos - a proposition worthy of attention. Lisa Mora is a passionate, who in 2011 founded the very popular "Vintage Caravan Magazine" in Great Britain. She received an offer to write the book from David & Charles and, she says in interviews, agreed because she wanted to use the extensive collection of photographs she had accumulated over her many journeys. The visual side is actually one of the main advantages of publishing. The photos show old caravans ( mainly from the 1950s and 1960s ), restored according to original designs. We can admire, among others the style of glamor, shabby chic, rock & roll, retro, there is also a charming kitsch, for which the author undoubtedly has a weakness. The book consists of eight chapters in which Mora, among others, presents a short historical outline of caravanning , advises on how to choose and buy a suitable old caravan, presents the various stages of renovation , ways of decorating and arranging caravans.

Travel trailer Adria Altea 552DT Tamar – image 1
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Travel trailer Adria Altea 552DT Tamar

The manufacturer of caravans - Adria is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. On this occasion, a special Golden Edition series will be released, and we are reviewing one of the new models for you - the Altea 552DT Tamar 2015 trailer. It is an interesting proposition, but not without flaws. Those looking for traditional solutions may be disappointed. This time Adria chooses an individual style and a raw, modern look. The caravan is designed for 6 people, but the development of quite a large space (total dimensions: 7.59m / 2.30m / 2.58m ) may raise reservations. The living room is extremely spacious, up to 5 people can comfortably spend time in it while traveling - this was the main assumption of the manufacturer, who focused mainly on the maximum functionality of the living room. In turn, the bathroom, despite the foldable washbasin and the large mirror, which optically enlarges the room, seems too small. A surprise awaits us in the kitchen, instead of classic solutions, the Altea 552DT offers a hob with 3 burners and a grill + oven , but there is still not enough space to prepare meals, so it's best to use the table in the dining room. The lack of a sunroof and a small by standard front window limit the access of light, which, at least in part, may be compensated by the new lighting system ( LED , Ambient ).

A new series of Outwell sleeping bags – image 1

A new series of Outwell sleeping bags

The Outwell Camper sleeping bag collection is one of the most interesting proposals on the market this year. Traditional solutions have been improved with modern technology, thanks to which we obtain high-quality products, extremely comfortable and user-friendly, and the prices are not exorbitant. We can choose from three versions of sleeping bags - classic, Lux and Double - each adapted to specific needs, differing among others thermal classification. The Camper sleeping bag works well during two-season use (from late spring to early autumn), at temperatures from -14 ° C to 18 ° C. Camper Lux gives you more possibilities, you can use it during 3-4 seasons of the year (in colder conditions, however, it works better), at a temperature from - 18 ° C to 16 ° C. Camper Double is worth choosing if we travel in the summer months, in late spring or early autumn, and the temperature at night ranges from -8 ° C to 21 ° C. Sleeping bags also differ in weight, which is 2300 g, 3000 g and 3500 g respectively. Of course, the Double version, unlike the others, allows for a double night, it is also possible to separate the sleeping bag into two single ones.

Knaus Travelino - ecology and functionality – image 1
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Knaus Travelino - ecology and functionality

The German company Knaus Tabbert GmbH once again became a sales leader during the Caravan Salon fair in Düsseldorf. One of the newest proposals of this brand, appreciated on the caravanning market, is the innovative Travelino caravan, which could be seen during the presentation. Those who dream of a small, modern, light, and at the same time more practical caravan and so far thought that this task was impossible for producers - should check the Knaus project. At first glance, we can see that this time the Knaus company is not focusing on the aerodynamics that is so important in the Caravisio model. Light structure, appropriate equipment, comfortable space and ecological solutions - they are what count the most. Weight - under 650 kg , perhaps it does not arouse great admiration, we can easily find lighter models, but the Travelino is longer and wider ( length - 4 m , width inside - 2.04 m ) than many of them. So where does such a low weight come from? This is due to the construction materials - sandwich panels with a paper honeycomb core , as well as polystyrene foam (XPS) panels, which are light, durable and environmentally friendly. Not only the interior is made of renewable resources, but also the chassis and body of the vehicle.

By car through Albania – image 1
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By car through Albania

If you are planning a Balkan trip, you cannot miss Albania, especially three extremely interesting and beautiful places, i.e. the town of Qeparo, the canyon of the Lengarica river and the ruins of the ancient city of Butrint. Whoever visited Qeparo once, will miss it. You can find this charming town by traveling along the Albanian coast, not far from Himarë . Currently, we will not meet crowds of tourists there, but it is worth hurrying, because the situation changes every year. The original name of the town, according to the nineteenth-century topographer William Martin Leake, is Kiepero or Kiparos, derived from the Greek word kipos , meaning garden. Probably the etymology of the name is associated with the numerous olive groves that we can still admire in Qeparo today. The village is divided into two parts - upper (old) and lower (new). The former settlement located on the western slope of Mount Gjivlash is a must see. Partly abandoned, with impressive folk architecture and a wonderful view of the Ionian Sea - a sure point on the tourist map. In the new part of the village you can visit, among others church of St. Dimitrius from the 18th century. Besides, the center of Qeparo is almost an oasis of peace; several local bars and restaurants, friendly locals and beautiful beaches.

Camper 760 LMT-D Navigation - Your Guide to Europe – image 1
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Camper 760 LMT-D Navigation - Your Guide to Europe

The price of a special navigation system for motorhome drivers from Garmin may be a deterrent, but the cost of about PLN 1,400 is an investment for years. Thanks to the Camper 760LMT-D, the journey to the farthest corners of Europe will become extremely comfortable, and you will benefit from many facilities. The device with a 7-inch display gives the possibility of navigation controlled both by voice ( Garmin Real Voice function) and by means of a touch interface. The manufacturer took care of many useful functions, we are able to adapt the route to our needs and capabilities. Thanks to the introduction of the vehicle profile (height, length, width, weight), we avoid restrictions for motorhomes, such as narrow roads, bridge height, steep descents, and even low-hanging branches. ACSI and MHF directories with search filters allow you to check information on campsites with certain amenities. In turn, the "Before you" function offers messages about the nearest restaurants, shops, hospitals or gas stations, and the active lane assistant allows you to safely use exits and turnouts.