VeGA and LevelCheck received the Reddot Design Award – image 1

VeGA and LevelCheck received the Reddot Design Award

Truma received the Reddot Design Award for its Industrial Design Award for its LevelCheck LPG tank level indicator and for its VeGA fuel cell system. This renowned award recognizes the successful design concept, the degree of innovation and the functionality of both Truma products. The LevelCheck level indicator measures the filling level of gas cylinders simply and reliably with ultrasound. After winning the Caravaning Design Award, this is the second award for this product. The VeGA system is the first fuel cell system to generate electricity from liquefied gas. It is one of the most efficient devices on the market with a power of 250 W and a charging current of 20 A.

Tourist Fair in Wrocław. – image 1

Tourist Fair in Wrocław.

Soon, the Centennial Hall will turn into a paradise for travel lovers. On April 5-7, Lower Silesians will take part in the International Tourism Fair. This is the fifth edition!. Faithful fans of the Travelers' Festival will not be disappointed this year, because enthusiastic travelers have been invited to take the audience to the most distant corners of the globe with their stories. You don't know how to travel with a child? - Anna Albot from " Family Without Borders" will help. Do you dream of long trips, but your wallet is a limitation? - enthusiasts of " Bus through the world" and " Hitchhiking to freedom" will tell you how to reconcile it.

Motorshow 2013 - direction Poznań! – image 1

Motorshow 2013 - direction Poznań!

The MOTOR SHOW Automotive Fair will take place on April 4-7 in Poznań. The latest models of cars, motorcycles, campers and airplanes will be presented in seven pavilions. Among the biggest stars in the automotive pavilion, brands such as WIESMANN, ROLLS - ROYCE, FERRARI, JAGUAR and MERCEDES will shine in full splendor. We will also be there! Every day you will be able to find reports from the fair. The four-day MOTOR SHOW in Poznań this year will be created by over 130 exhibitors who will present themselves in seven pavilions and in the open area of the Poznań International Fair. There will be plenty of exclusive cars from the world leaders, including the ROLLS - ROYCE brand presenting the GHOST model in Poznań. The real star of the event will be the FERRARI F12 BARINETTA, honored by the editors of Top Gear magazine with the title of Supercar of the Year 2012. The car will be presented among other latest FERRARI models. The Italian brand's stand will be twice as large as in the previous edition of the fair. A real treat for automotive fans will be the opportunity to see, for the first time in Poland, absolutely unique WIESMANN cars.

Easter Wishes – image 1

Easter Wishes

Happy Easter, tasty egg and wet dyngus, rest in the family circle, only sunny days and many wonderful journeys!.

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Glamping in Poland

Glamping is a combination of the words glamor and camping, it is a possibility of compromise for all those who want to relax in luxurious conditions, staying in the bosom of nature. Glamping was established at the beginning of the 20th century by popularizing safari. The word is derived from Arabic and means "to make a journey". Glamping was created to meet the needs of discerning European and American tourists. Wealthy travelers were unwilling to stay in camp conditions and stayed in luxurious linen quarters. The quarters were furnished with beds, linens, Persian rugs and antiques. The travelers had cooks, guides, porters and even butlers at their disposal.

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Okay Playlist

I can't imagine going without music! Unfortunately, creating the right playlist is not an easy task. Out of the many genres that I love and the million songs that follow it, it's not easy to choose something and I always have a problem with that. What to consider when creating such a list? Certainly, the songs should be catchy and everyone should know them, so that they can sing them together on the road and by the fire. Ideally, the list should be around 300-400 songs, we don't want to listen to one song over and over again.

Women`s Day – image 1

Women`s Day

Live so that each subsequent day he was amazing and unique. Fill every moment like this to then remember her with joy. Get energy from the sun dripping rain and the smiles of others. Look for strength in yourself, enthusiasm and passion. Live as beautifully as you can. By my own way. Fulfill yourself. We wish this to all wonderful women !!!.

E-Co-Motion Transporter – image 1
Motorhome & Caravan news

E-Co-Motion Transporter

Poznań, March 4, 2013 - The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand will present the concept Transporter e-Co-Motion at this year's Geneva Motor Show. This car combines features that seem to be exclusive: it is compact and manoeuvrable despite the large cargo space, it can carry 800 kg of cargo, and thanks to the electric drive it does not emit harmful substances. "With the ever increasing demand for transport in large cities, electric mobility - especially for light commercial vehicles - could become of paramount importance," explained Dr. Eckhard Scholz, spokesman for the Brand Management Board. “The goods would be delivered to the city gates by rail or large trucks with traditional or hybrid drive. At intermediate stations, the load would be divided into smaller, electric cars, moving within a certain radius from a fixed base, with technical facilities for battery charging and maintenance. " Equipped exclusively with the e-Co-Motion electric drive, it offers many practical features: high maneuverability in a small footprint on the road, very good visibility, ergonomic seats and easy access to and from the luggage compartment, easy loading thanks to the low door edge and large cargo space capacity . The e-Co-Motion concept offers maximum space in a minimal footprint. With a length of only 4.55 m (width: 1.90 m, height: 1.96 m), the cargo space of this studio model is a maximum of 4.6 m3 and a load capacity of 800 kg. Such good values were achieved thanks to the clear division of the body structure into the lower part, necessary for driving, including the drive, battery and transmission located under the floor, and the upper part - intended for the load. Such a division has become the basis for the maximum use of space and the use of various types of buildings, corresponding to the wishes of customers. The customer decides whether it should be a driver's cabin with a built-in load box, a body intended for the transport of people, a low-floor box or a thermal insulation body.

Changes to the engine palette of the T5 and Amarok series – image 1
Motorhome & Caravan news

Changes to the engine palette of the T5 and Amarok series

The T5 family of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is made up of many different versions equipped with powerful and fuel-efficient common rail diesel engines. The optional BlueMotion Technology package, which includes the Start-Stop system, brake energy recovery (recuperation), rolling resistance-optimized tires and cruise control, reduces the fuel consumption of TDI engines by 0.5 liters per 100 km. The T5 series offer has been extended with the BMT package for the 2.0 TDI unit with 180 HP. The changes in the engine offer also apply to the Volkswagen Amarok, which has received a new base unit. The previous 90kW (122hp) engine has been replaced by a 103kW (140hp) unit, which provides improved performance while maintaining the same fuel consumption.

Motor Show 2013 – image 1

Motor Show 2013

The largest automotive fair in the country will take place from 4 to 7 April in Poznań. During these days, visitors will be able to see, among others, the latest models of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Skoda that will appear on the automotive market. The Poznań fair will be divided into four thematic showrooms: car, motorcycle, air Passion, as well as caravanning, caravanning enthusiasts will be presented with the latest and most luxurious campers, trailers and the latest accessories. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting points of the fair will be Vip Day - Day for Fleets, where leading importers and manufacturers will present the latest solutions for business.

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No love confessions

Italian authorities have banned the writing of love confessions on the walls of Juliet's house, where the famous balcony from Shakespeare's drama is located. The municipality issued strict regulations and prohibited the degradation of the building. The famous palace in via Cappello, known as Juliet's House, is visited by 2 million tourists every year, and millions of tourists from all over the world are recorded on its walls every day. Authorities also introduced a ban on eating and drinking in front of the house.

Happy christmas!!! – image 1

Happy christmas!!!

Beloved, we wish you beautiful and cheerful holidays in your family circle, fulfill all your dreams and many interesting journeys in the coming year. That the weather is always good for you and that fuel prices drop by at least 50%!. Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year!. Wish you CampRest.