How to pack in the mountains in 3 steps? – image 1

How to pack in the mountains in 3 steps?

Packing a backpack for a trip to the mountains seems to be a difficult task, because the multitude of things that can be useful during a trip may scare you. Nevertheless, it turns out that the necessary things can be packed in a few simple steps, while being sure that you will not forget to take anything with you.

Air instead of a frame - advantages of inflatable vestibules – image 1

Air instead of a frame - advantages of inflatable vestibules

On the motorhome and accessories market, we are constantly observing changes and improvements that translate into the appearance and functionality of many elements inherently associated with caravanning. For example, caravan awnings have evolved over the past few years. As a rule, they still have the same function - increasing the usable area "under the roof", protected against unfavorable weather conditions. The old stagers perfectly remember the tarpaulin attachments for Polish "n" trailers, mounted on heavy and clunky steel frames, surrounded by guy lines and pegs.

Cold under control - review of coolers – image 1

Cold under control - review of coolers

In order to ensure the longest possible shelf life of food products, we use refrigerators and freezers. They are often integral parts of our caravans and motorhomes. However, there are situations when we travel "in the wild", we need to take more provisions or we just need an extra fridge for drinks and food when we go for a quick picnic or organize a garden party. Regardless of the circumstances, it is a good idea to have a portable refrigerator close at hand. The market offers a huge selection of models, and among the criteria we can mention the type of power supply, capacity and ... of course the budget.

Mobile power plant - energy independence with EcoFlow – image 1

Mobile power plant - energy independence with EcoFlow

Of course, caravanning and traveling are associated with enjoying the surroundings, being close to nature, sightseeing and resting in the bosom of nature. In modern society, however, it is difficult for us to part with modern communication tools, in the case of remote work with a computer or coffee machine. Why am I replacing these devices? Because they all need electricity. Some less, some more, but in any case there comes a time when we have to grab the charger or power the device we need at the moment.

Makita cordless radios – image 1

Makita cordless radios

The world of Makita devices opens up an ocean of possibilities. The range of power tools powered by 10.8V (12Vmax) 14.4V, 18V and 40V batteries is so wide that it is difficult to list all of them in a single article. Although Makita is a recognized brand in the construction market, in the segment of tools for carpenters and professionals of many industries, it is also popular among DIY enthusiasts. This means that many of us may already have one of the solutions, and thus own a battery that can be the key to the world of really cool gadgets.

Smartphone controlled camper thanks to CaraControl – image 1

Smartphone controlled camper thanks to CaraControl

The advent of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized and redefined the concepts of remote control, monitoring and control. Smart home systems that have been appearing for over a dozen years, intelligent household appliances with which we can connect from any place on earth or remote connection with our cars - we have already got used to all these amenities.

Essential camping clothes for kids – image 1

Essential camping clothes for kids

Winter is beautiful, but to enjoy it, you need to dress appropriately. Meet the brand from Bielsko-Biała, which started with the production of hats at home. However, the assortment very quickly began to expand, and the covers for children worn in wraps / slings created in MaBiBi turned out to be a hit and they are still so today. Now the Bielsko brand offers mainly clothing and accessories for people who like outdoor activities, most of which have interesting, original and very practical solutions.

Dirt busters - Makita vertical vacuum cleaners – image 1

Dirt busters - Makita vertical vacuum cleaners

One of the unpleasant duties of every globetrotter is of course ... keeping order in a small area. When traveling with a pet or with children, we can often feel like in the heart of the cyclone. No thing has its permanent place, the table after a meal looks like a mess, the upholstery cannot accept any more crumbs, and a layer of dust and dirt of unknown origin builds up on the floor and shelves. Taking a home, traditional vacuum cleaner with you due to the dimensions is not an option, and small vacuum cleaners powered from a 12V socket do not have enough power and cable range. And here they come into action - our today's heroes ... Ladies and Gentlemen, in front of you are two models of vertical vacuum cleaners signed by the legendary brand, which makes the hearts of both home DIY fans and professionals beat the heart. Makita, because we are talking about it, has been synonymous with quality and innovation for many years, there is no doubt about it.

Brightness ... brightness I can see! So the headlamps not only for camping – image 1

Brightness ... brightness I can see! So the headlamps not only for camping

A headlamp is one of the absolutely essential items for almost everyone. If you love tourism, go hiking in the mountains, go camping, go to a music festival, run or ride a bike, the headlamp is simply essential for you! You can ignore the fact that it will also come in handy when you need to change a light bulb at home at night or bury it next to the car. Because it is so useful, it is worth choosing a model that will meet our requirements in 100%. In the article below, we present some headlamps that are really noteworthy!

Fun in the snow – image 1

Fun in the snow

The beginnings of the snow madness should be expected in the coming days. Regardless of whether you are waiting for winter hiking, skiing or snowboarding, you are now looking for the equipment you need. Among the wide assortment of the store, we have selected some interesting accessories for you that will undoubtedly be useful to you!. The Thule Upslope 20L is a great backpack for both slope, climbing and ski touring. The user can use three methods of gaining access to the main compartment, which makes it much easier to store and remove the equipment needed at the moment. It is also possible to attach a snowboard or skis to it.

To the mountains with a new color and you can easily take your children with you ... – image 1

To the mountains with a new color and you can easily take your children with you ...

More colors for Beat touring skis and a new collection of Skills for kids. Such novelties have been prepared by the EGOÉ brand from Bílovice for skiers who are not only happy with the prepared ski slope. Optimistic green, gray with stability and strength, friendly orange ... Beat touring skis are available in many colors. And they still attract attention with their design that refers to the very essence of being. The left ski motif depicts the road uphill, or the heartbeat line, the amplitudes of which, however, reflect the actual altitude coordinates from the foothills of the Karkonosze Mountains. The right ski is decorated with a straight line, representing the carefree, freedom and pure adrenaline found during the march, which we experience while descending the summit.

Touring skis for the upcoming winter - the best models of renowned manufacturers – image 1

Touring skis for the upcoming winter - the best models of renowned manufacturers

Touring skis, which have been gaining popularity in recent seasons, are constructions with unique properties. Reputable manufacturers carefully design their construction keeping in mind every detail that is important for the comfort of using their models, which is why we receive better and more interesting proposals every year. We present interesting touring skis for the upcoming season, we explain what their uniqueness is, and we also suggest where to go to buy a model of this nature. In the Volkl brand this season we can find an interesting proposition, which is the Rise Above 88 model, available in both men's and women's versions . Today we will focus on the latter. The skis are aimed at women of intermediate skill level, but they will work best for experienced women and professionals who will be able to use their full potential. The light construction of the Rise Above 88 W model is due to the Tourlite Woodcore . Thanks to modern technologies, Volkl women's touring skis are distinguished by excellent properties - they ensure easy approach due to their low weight, and at the same time are distinguished by high stability and full control in the descent.