The most-read automotive articles in 2019

The most-read automotive articles in 2019 – main image

The headlines in this article indicate that you have read about camper vans and small camper vans this year. How to buy or remake them, where to do it and for how much. You are also interested in interesting solutions, such as small teardrop trailers and modern solutions, such as the latest Astella trailer from Adria. Our camper tests were also very popular, and this year you most read about the Globe-Traveler XS test, which we did 2 years ago.

Not all articles were written in 2019, but they were the most read by you.

How to turn a van into a motorhome?

A handful of proven companies that make such changes and a few tips what awaits everyone who wants to change the status of a car to a special one.

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Turn a bus into a motorhome

A review of companies dealing with the conversion of buses that exhibited at the Caravanning Salon during the Motor Show in Poznań.

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Motorhome up to 35,000 zloty.

An overview of the used campers market for this amount. See what our journalist found at this price a few years ago. Do you think you could find similar cars at similar prices now? Maybe it is worth repeating such a test?

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How much is a new motorhome?

Exactly - how much? One would like to say it costs as much as you want to spend. As always, quality goes hand in hand with price, and smaller doesn't mean cheaper. See an overview of the market at the caravanning fair in Dusseldorf.

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Cheap motorhome - up to 15,000 zloty.

Our journalist undertook an almost impossible task. How do you think he managed to find a motorhome up to 15,000 PLN?

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Dutch house - an alternative to a trailer?

We would like to see more such houses on Polish campsites. We keep our fingers crossed for the development of Polish companies that produce such houses in Poland. We ourselves would like to live permanently in such a year-round house. Interestingly, not everyone is aware of the fact that such a house can be leased!

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TURTLE - British version of the Turkish caravan

We are the lucky owners of the teardrop trailer and it cannot be denied that we attract the eyes of people all over Europe. They are very pleasant to live in and look at, I think that's why this article is so eagerly clicked by you.

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Tischer - pickup as a motorhome

Something for pickup lovers.

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Astella - a luxury novelty from Adria

This modern trailer from Adria, which looks more like a home than a trailer, won the hearts of everyone visiting the Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf, where the trailer had its premiere. No wonder you liked it too.

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A trailer or a motorhome?

It's one of those questions: "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" Caravanning enthusiasts can discuss it for hours.

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1000 kilometers in the Globe-Traveler Voyager XS motorhome. CampRest test

You like to read about our camper and caravan tests, and you liked the Globe-Traveler test this year. The movie from this test is also the most watched movie on our YT channel. You can watch the movie in the article.

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